Did Virat Kohli Pressurize The Selectors? The Truth Is Finally Revealed

Updated on 24 May, 2018 at 8:08 pm


Virat Kohli’s presence has grown exponentially over past few years. There is no doubt that he is an exceptional player and a good captain. However, there are times when he found himself amidst controversies and allegations. One of those is that he has “disproportionate influence” in BCCI’s policy decisions. Recently, Vinod Rai, Committee of Administrators (COA) chief opened up about this issue. COA is the body that looks after the administration of the BCCI.


Rai is someone who has first-hand experience in interacting with Kohli. No wonder he will have his own opinion and insight about the behavior of this maverick Indian player.


He is someone who actually supports the notion of captain interfering with the decision making policy. This is what he shared:

“Any captain will exercise a certain amount of influence on the team. I am in favor of allowing that flexibility and discretion to a certain degree. After all, the captain carries the cross.”



He revealed that Kohli has never tried to create any form of influence on policy decisions. In his own words:

“But I will make it clear that nobody has come to me and said that Virat exercises influence, which is disproportionate to what a captain should be enjoying. At a personal level, Virat’s behavior with me has been absolutely proper. Virat has never pressurized me for anything. Neither the team management nor selectors have ever had any complaints about Virat.”



The speculations actually came into the forefront with the resignation of Anil Kumble as chief coach. It was reported that Kumble was forced to step down after Kohli’s pressure on the management.