Virat Kohli Loses His Cool In A Press Conference After Two Continuous Defeats In South Africa

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1:34 pm 18 Jan, 2018


The Indian cricket team lost the second Test match against South Africa and the series as well. As admitted by captain Virat Kohli, there were a lot of weak points of the Indian team, which was not the case with its opponents. One such low point was Pandya’s casual run out that received a lot of flak from the audience.

India lost second test match against SA. Jansatta

It is well known that Kohli wears his emotions on his sleeve, and can explode while talking to media. The press conference after the conclusion of the second Test turned out to be a rather fiery affair. The skipper was angry and disappointed by the performances of his team-mates.

When questioned about his choice of the playing XI members of the team, he hit out at critics and said:

“If we had won this, was this the best XI? We don’t decide the XI according to results. You are telling me that you could have played the best XI.”

Virat Kohli. IndiaToday


Ever since the Indian captain took over as the captain of the team, he hasn’t fielded the same playing XI for 34 test matches and this is something unprecedented. And when questioned about the consistency of the team, he apparently could not take it and lost his calm yet again. Countering the question further, he said:

“How many Test matches have we won out of 34? How many have we won? How many have we won? 21 wins (20 actually). Two losses. How many draws? Does it matter? Wherever we play we try to do our best. I’m here to answer your questions, not to fight with you.”

Watch the video of Virat Kohli answering media’s questions and getting blowing up on a few occasions:

Incidentally, the skipper has also been fined 25 per cent of his match fee for breaching the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel by throwing the ball into the ground “in an aggressive manner”. And later as he freaked out at the critics, it is being interpreted that he has been left irked by two continuous defeats of his team.