Politician Promises Virat Kohli As The Chief Guest But Brings A Lookalike Instead. Twitterati Comes Up With Hilarious Comments

12:12 pm 28 May, 2018


Inviting celebrities to voting campaigns is a long-standing practice by politicians. And, India being entangled in a constant cycle of elections the campaigns at different levels pop up quite frequently. Again, outlandish promises to woo the voters is also something commonly practiced. Recently, one of the candidates in a local election in Maharashtra took this saga of promises to a whole new level. A candidate contesting for the post of Sarpanch of Ramalinga Gram Panchayat promised the voters that one of his events will be attended by Virat Kohli.



Yes, you read it right! He went a step ahead to print a poster. It actually shows an image of the Indian cricket captain along with that of the candidate. It’s also portrayed that Kohli is the ‘main attraction’ for the event. Here’s the poster:



When the day came, the audience flocked to the venue to meet this celebrated cricket star. Alas! What they received was something very different. Failing to present the real Kohli, the party decided to bring his look-alike.



A user posted it on twitter and then it became a butt-of-the-joke within minutes. Here’s the tweet:



The deceit led to a laughter riot on the social media platform. No wonder, the Twitterati didn’t take much time to show their sharp wit. Here’s how they reacted:










Can you beat this bizarre election campaign story?