Virat Kohli And Kylie Jenner Charge An Insane Amount For One Instagram Post. Details Inside!

11:31 am 27 Jul, 2018


Ace cricketer Virat Kohli is one man who is now a brand in himself. After working extremely hard for so many years and giving the sport his all, he is now on the verge of his popularity. Virat is also one of the most active celebrities on social media, just like Kylie Jenner. The fact that we are talking about Virat Kohli and Kylie Jenner is important because both these celebrities have turned social media moguls in a short span of time. The two not only have millions of followers on the Instagram handles (though Kylie has over 1 billion followers), they also make a good amount of money through Instagram.

And very recently, the two made it to HopperHQ 2018 Instagram rich list. This list is all about how much money do these celebrities make through their Instagram.



Where on one hand the 20-year-old Kylie topped the list, Virat Kohli was at number 17 in the list. Kylie Jenner usually charges up to 1 million US dollars (almost Rs 6.5 Crore) for a post!



On second position in the list is last year’s leading lady Selena Gomez who charges a hefty sum of 800,000 US dollars (almost Rs 5.5 Crore) per post.



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Other celebrities on the list are Cristiano Ronaldo, Beyonce, Dwayne Johnson, Justin Beiber and others.



On number 17 in the list is Virat Kohli who charges 120,000 US dollars (almost Rs 82 Lakh) per post. If it comes to only sports category, Kohli stands at number 9.


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