Virat Kohli Gets A New Name From Chris Gayle After His Tweet On Birth Of Gayle’s Daughter

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11:23 am 22 Apr, 2016


On April 21, Chris Gayle became a papa to a beautiful daughter. He named her ‘Blush’.

(Why he named her so is another story.)


Anyway, Gayle’s teammate at Royal Challengers Bangalore Virat Kohli expressed his joy at the occasion and congratulated the maverick West Indian batsman with this tweet:


And the swashbuckling Gayle gave Kohli a new name – a name that might stick with Kohli forever.



Twitterati pointed out that Kaka means ‘uncle’ in Hindi, Bengali, and Gujarati. Someone else said that ‘Kaka’ is Punjabi for child. Whatever it may mean, Virat is now Kaka Virat.