What This Virat Kohli Fan Did To Get A Selfie With Him Is Truly Amazing. Watch The Video!

11:50 am 14 May, 2018


People have always witnessed fans running on the ground in order to meet their beloved celebrities or sportspersons. It is obviously not a new thing in India. We have already observed such idolatry during the Indian Premier League 2018 when fans have flocked to the field not only once but twice to meet the CSK captain MS Dhoni. This kind of incidents proves the loyalty and love for the celebrities amongst their fans that they tend to go beyond limits to meet and greet their idols.




Interestingly, one such incident happened with RCB captain Virat Kohli during the IPL 2018 match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Daredevils on May 12.

While captain Kohli was batting for his team in Feroz Shah Kotla stadium, a fan dashed passed the security and came running to him. What the fan next did will make you believe in power of celebrity fandom.



The fan who apparently had a tattoo of the name “Suraj” on his hand came to Virat Kohli and bent down to touch his feet in front of the entire stadium.



As we assume the fan’s name is Suraj, he has a mobile phone as well with himself and he later clicked a selfie with the Indian skipper.



Later, the security personnel of the stadium took the fan off the field. This entire incident left the RCB captain in shock but still, he being the generous player let the fan take a selfie with him.



Interestingly, this incident was not covered by the camera in the televised version of the match, people who were present at stadium shot a video of the incident.

Take a look:



Meanwhile, RCB under the captaincy of Kohli won the match against Delhi Daredevils in their home ground.




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