Twitterati Believes Anushka Sharma Is Pregnant, But Here Is The Truth

3:05 pm 16 Mar, 2018


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma is one happy couple we look forward too. The two lovebirds happily got married last year in December, in Italy.

Every now and then we keep noticing their social media updates about their personal and professional lives. Both Virat and Anushka are very active on their social media platforms and they keep their fans busy through the most captivating updates quite often.

Recently, Virat wrote something on his Twitter account that has attracted a lot of madness. His tweet was almost cryptic and no one could even figure out what it was all about. But as you know, fans are fans and so they started deriving their own theories and meanings out of Virat Kohli’s mysterious tweet.

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But first of all let us take a look and understand what Virat tweeted:

Now, can you really figure out, what that means? Is something happening in his personal life? Is he soon going to be a father? In simple words, is Anushka Sharma pregnant? That is all the Twitter fans have been discussing since they got their hands on the Tweet. Now let us go through these ‘crazy fan tweets’ and understand what they figured out!

One of the guys made a typical Punjabi guess and wrote:


Another one wrote something similar:



Some even found bad humor out of the entire situation:

Okay! So the verdict is – Anushka Sharma could be pregnant according to the fans. But we don’t think so, as the starlet is currently busy in the shooting for her upcoming film “Sui Dhaaga” with Varun Dhawan.


Do you think Virat is crazy enough to allow her beautiful wife to work if she would have been pregnant? Well, we leave the verdict on you!