Want To Join Sonam, Madhuri, And Rajkummar In This Viral Twitter Trend? It’s Lit AF!

12:00 pm 25 Nov, 2018


Viral Twitter trends are lit AF! The fact that something so trivial can make you feel like a part of a huge group is certainly amazing. Those who are adherent Twitter user never miss the chance to be a part of the trends. There are also those who are the trendsetters themselves. From funny memes to awareness about serious issues, the viral Twitter trends belong from various points of the spectrum. Not only the netizens, but celebrities often take part in these trends, adding on to the fun factor.

Wondering which of the viral Twitter trends we are going to talk about? It is called ‘5 Things I Love That Aren’t People’. How does it work? Well, here is the tweet by Sonam Kapoor that will help you to understand.



You need to be nominated by someone to be a part of the game. Then, you need to tweet about 5 things that you absolutely love and they cannot be people. After jotting down the things close to your heart, you need to nominate someone for sharing their lovable things too. Simple yet addictive!



Naturally, the B-town celebs couldn’t help but join! Wondering who said what? Why don’t we start with the things Madhuri Dixit Nene loves:



Rajkummar Rao



Ayushmann Khurrana



Anil Kapoor



Shraddha Kapoor



Shefali Vaidya



Soni Razdan



The netizens were also not far behind to give a peek of their lovable things. Not only from India, but people from all across the world started tweeting to be a part of this viral trend. From funny to awe-worthy, these are the best tweets:











I am surely wrecking my brain to come up with a funny tweet with the tag ‘5 Things I Love That Aren’t People’. Will you do the same? Don’t forget to tag TopYaps in your tweet! Would you love to know more about other Twitter trends? This will interest you!

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