Woman’s Bathroom Selfie Went Viral For Bizarre Things In The Background And Twitterati Raised Legit Questions

1:40 pm 31 May, 2018


Selfie is the latest fad of our time and it’s here to stay. From the bathroom to bedroom, almost every place doubles up as the perfect place for taking a ‘social media worthy’ picture of yourself. Love or hate it, but we all have indulged in taking pictures to show off and secretly hoping they turn out as a viral selfie. When Paula Sophia Garcia Epsino posted her well-articulated selfie, she only expected praises. Instead, it became viral raising questions in mind of the netizens.

Here’s the post:



It all started when users pointed out the positioning of the toilet paper which is extremely far from the toilet. Soon, the image took the status of a viral selfie. Naturally, Twitterati came up with hilarious comments:






Other than the toilet paper fiasco, people also pointed out the bizarre position of the towel rack that is placed under the bowl of the toilet. Also, there is a charging point whose wire is reaching the toiled that left people totally confused. Take a look:



Viral selfie of woman with bizarre things in background


And, this is how the netizens expressed their confusion on other aspects of this viral selfie:






The moral of the story is always make sure to check your selfie background before posting it online.