Scuffle Between Flower Vendors Outside ‘Mahakal Temple’ In Ujjain Takes An Ugly Turn. Watch Video

11:59 am 20 Jun, 2018


A shocking video of a scuffle between flower vendors in Ujjain is going viral. But is not for the right reasons! The Mahakal temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, is one among the Jyotirlingas devoted to Lord Shiva. Like any other temple in India, the road outside is filled with temporary shops selling flowers and other items for offering. The incident in question happened here and was filmed by some bystanders. It soon went viral and left the viewers shocked.

The video showed the flower vendors assaulting each other with fists and stick. Though fight between men is most common, this one took place between a group of men and women.



In the video, two female flower vendors are seen beating a man but soon he overpowers them. At a point, he even breaks a stick while beating them. Soon, he is joined by another female and a chaotic fight takes place. The reason for the fight is still unknown.



The fight became violent but the bystanders simply watched it without any attempt to intervene. Watch it here:



This video has quickly become viral and Twitterati couldn’t help but comment on its brutality. Here are the tweets:












Amidst this, some users found an uncanny resemblance of the fight with the famous WWE sports. Here are some of the hilarious tweets:








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