With 1.3 Million Views In Just 3 Days, This Bhojpuri Song Is Making Netizens Crazy

Updated on 16 Jun, 2018 at 3:13 pm


With Holi round the corner, a new song in Bhojpuri “Saheli Ki Holi” is getting viral on the Internet.

This new song has broken all the records as it has been watched for more than 1.3 million times in just 3 days. The video shows actress Akshara Singh and Amrapali Dubey dancing with Nirhua and Pawan Singh. Pawan and Akshara are already a famous duo among the Bhojpuri audience and the fans were awaiting the release of this new bhojpuri song.


The fan craze has made this bhojpuri song one among the top 25 trending videos on YouTube.

The song “Saheli Ki Holi” is specially released for Holi. It shows two friends praising their husbands and fighting to prove who is better. Soon, this song will be promoted on other social media platforms to meet the demand of the fans.


famous bhojpuri song saheli ki holi

Besides an existing fan base, the catchy tune of the song is also adding on to its popularity. Also, the simple lyrics is attracting the attention of the viewers.

Watch the video here:

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