A VIP’s Daughter Did This When Their Action Was Being Recorded By A Common man

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1:28 pm 26 Aug, 2016

Our lives are busy and yes we are always in a rush. But there are some things that can’t be ignored – like traffic rules. Except for ambulances, which can’t wait for the signal to turn green, no other vehicle on the road can violate the signal rules, not even VIP’s.

But, what happened recently on the roads of Delhi, is rather shameful and proof of how  VIPs continue to exploit  their position and bring a bad name to the VIP community.



In a recent incident captured on camera by Prashant Saxena, a VIP- in Delhi, a Samajwadi Party member, is trying to cross a red signal, breaking the rules. He was stopped by a Sardar ji whom the VIP had  asked to get aside at the signal.

The two men got into an argument. This is when Prashant Saxena captured a video of the incident, which also shows the ill-mannered daughter of the VIP, who jumped in front of the camera and made arrogant remarks.

Prashant described the incident through a Facebook feed and posted,

So this VIP guy was in hurry that he got out from his car (car with VIP horns/hooters)
And started misbehaving with the Sardarji who didn’t give him way because it was Red light on the traffic signal.
His daughter carried similar attitude and his father then tried to snatch my cellphone.Thanks to my cab driver that he took the car off that place.

Please share this video and make him famous.
Location: sector 57
Date : 24 August 2016
Time: 8:00 am


One of the comments in post stated that he is Rakesh Yadav, Noida Adhyaksh, Samajwadi Party.



Here is the video:

Not surprisingly, the daughter carried the same attitude as her father.

No matter how much money you have, if you can’t teach your children the difference between right or wrong, you fall much below the level of humanity.

What do you think about this? Share your views in the comments section below. Let us expose this man and take charge so that things like this won’t happen in future.


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