Vinod Mehta Was A Journalist Who Arnab Goswami Wanted As His Editor

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7:36 pm 9 Mar, 2015


It is not everyday that you get to hear anything that borders on the mellow, let alone read, from Arnab Goswami – the angry young editor-in-chief of TimesNow.

But March 9 was a different day, for Goswami wrote a heart touching obit to the legendary editor Vinod Mehta, who passed away yesterday after a prolonged illness. He was 73.

I wish I had told Vinod in as many words, but since that day, even more than ever, I was convinced that he was the editor I never had.

The journalist community mourned his passing and wrote and tweeted on the maverick man who took both rejection and acceptance on the jaw.

The name of his dog was Editor. This cartoon perfectly nails the difference between his dog and others.

Vinod Mehta was known to be of sturdy, if not impeccable, integrity. It was ‘Outlook’, the magazine of which he was the founder editor, that broke the Neera Radia story and unearthed the corporate-businessmen-politician nexus. That earned his magazine the ire of Tata.

Mehta had no political leanings and spared no one as long as he sniffed a controversial story. He did not shy from telling a story as it is, as is evident from his view that a reporter must focus on the events and not get distracted about

Mehta was into advertising before he entered journalism with ‘Debonair’ in 1974. His artifice lay in his ability to turn a seemingly boring story into an enticing one. He knew very well how to deliver a story to make the biggest bang.


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