Mallika Dua’s Father Blasts Twinkle Khanna, Calls Her An ‘Embarrassed Wife’ For Defending Akshay Kumar

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4:28 pm 31 Oct, 2017


Mallika Dua and Akshay Kumar’s “bell bajao” controversy has become a never-ending one. It looks like the fight is going to become the second longest Bollywood controversy for the year 2017 after Kangana-Hrithik ugly spat. The trail of comments from different people has made the subject of the fight even more confusing.

It is such that while Mallika Dua and her supports want to focus on the literal meaning of the comment that Akshay Kumar has passed on his show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, Team Akshay want people to take it as a “colloquial phrase” without any sexist connotations.


The Khiladi of Bollywood hasn’t said a word yet about the controversy. However, the wife of the National Award winner actor, Twinkle Khanna, has come out and defended Akshay’s alleged “sexist comment”.



Twinkle not only defended her husband, but also took a slight dig by posting two lame jokes calling them as her “last words” for the controversy.



However, Mrs. Funnybones’ last tweet left her fans and Mallika Dua angry. ‘Making fun of a sensitive issue has been accepted’, that’s what people said replying to Twinkle’s tweets.



And now, Mallika Dua’s father, famous journalist, Vinod Dua, has responded to the comments of Twinkle Khanna.


Here’s what Vinod Dua wrote in his Facebook post in response to Twinkle’s tweets.

Ms. Twinkle Khanna responds to the laughter challenge controversy. It is a prosaic excuse from an embarrassed wife. Be that as it may, the point has been driven home. This chap will be careful in the future before making depraved statements like “Mallika ji aap Bell bajao, mai aapko bajaata hoon”. We don’t wish to pursue the matter any further.


One thing that’s clear from Vinod Dua’s comment is that he does not want to sensationalize his daughter’s name anymore. We hope Akshay will soon speak out on the controversy and clear his side’s story as well.