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Indian Media Insulted Vin Diesel And It’s A Shame For All Of Us

Published on 17 January, 2017 at 4:42 pm By

Remember how Vin Diesel was happy after getting such a warm welcome at Mumbai airport in total Maharashtrian style?

Vin Diesel was so overwhelmed that he even went live from his official Facebook handle to share his experience in India with his fans.



But sadly he couldn’t get a similar farewell. In fact, it became embarrassing because of the Indian media.

So, Vin Diesel was at the Mumbai airport at the end of his India trip. This made the paparazzi so excited that they completely lost their minds. They started shouting random shit just to grab his attention to capture his last look.

Vin was in the haste of catching his flight. When he didn’t respond to their random calls, they started shouting “DEEJAL DEEJAL DEEJAL DEEJAL”, and believe us that was nothing. It became more embarrassing when one fine gentleman shouted, “Aye takle!”.


It may sound funny to you but it’s embarrassing and shameful! We all can just hope that Vin Diesel did not hear what was being shouted at him because if he does then this surely will make him think twice before returning to India.

Take a look at the video of the shameful farewell that Indian media gave to Vin Diesel.



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