Loved Joker? Meet The Other Iconic Villains Who Stole The Limelight From The Heroes

5:36 pm 8 Oct, 2018


‘Do you want to know how I got these scars?’ Yes, as soon as we hear these words, the unforgettable face of Heath Ledger as Joker appears in front of our eyes. Right? It is such a character that overshadowed Batman effortlessly. He is one among such villains who became more popular than superheroes for sure. From his makeup to acting, everything made the fans gasp in wonder.

Sadly, the legendary actor is no more but the character is etched in our hearts. No wonder, there are many who are trying to capture the same essence.




Recently, Joaquin Phoenix was seen as the new Joker. He donned the clown makeup for the shoot of upcoming Joker movie and the fans went gaga. No wonder the character of Joker is such that it never fails to tantalize the mainstream movie lovers.



However, Joker is not the only villain who became more famous than a hero. There are others too! Here are some villains who became more popular than superheroes.





From the Mogambo khush hua dialogue to over-the-top dress up, this iconic character is still extremely popular. Played by Amrish Puri, he is such a villain who portrays cruelty in the most dramatized way possible.





Sly and cunning, the ‘God of mischief’ is a character we love to hate. The fictional character from the Marvel world is superbly portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.





A big shout out to ‘90s kids! Remember Kilvish from the first ever Indian superhero show Shaktiman? Naturally, it’s hard to forget. Well, so is the character of this villain. The lovers of the show will never forget this character amazingly portrayed by actor Surendra Pal.





This villain became so popular that he got his own movie. Do we really need to explain any further? Initially introduced in Spider-Man 3, the film is now running successfully in theaters.





An integral part of X-Men world, this villain is intelligent and cruel, a deadly combination. Thanks to the series of movies we now know that he was once a good guy. There is no denying the fact, however, that this is a character who has mesmerized the fans.




Do you totally adore any of these villains? We are sure you have your own list of the names too! Why don’t you share in the comments below?

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