11 Indian Villages Shown In Famous Hindi Movies That You Can Visit

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9:00 pm 25 Aug, 2015

Do you watch Hindi movies? Love traveling too? How about checking out some villages this year (or sometime in future when you have a chance) where famous Hindi movies have been shot! You can easily identify the exact places where different scenes of a movie were shot.

Even if you are not exactly a film buff, you’d still love the scenic setting of these villages if you ever get an opportunity to visit them.

1. Ramgarh in ‘Sholay’

The village in this historic movie is located in Karnataka. It is called Ramnagara. No Gabbar comes visiting here but you can. The place is just about 50 km from Bangalore.



This is how Gabbar’s badlands look like nowadays:


2. Charanpur in ‘Swades’

The village where SRK came looking for his roots is in Wai district in the state of Maharashtra.


It’s a picturesque village. The actual name of the village is Menavali Ghat.


3. Champaner in ‘Lagaan’

This Amir Khan starrer was shot in Bhuj in Gujarat. Kanuria was the name of the village, where Amir did not allow anybody to wear shoes.


The village constructed from the ground up for the shoot and later burnt completely as the land had been leased out from local farmers.


4. Kolipad in ‘Iqbal’

This award winning, inspirational movie that brought Shreyas to the silver screen was shot in district Tenali of Andhra Pradesh.

The place is in close proximity to Vijayawada and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. It’s particularly famous for its temples.


5. Budbuda in ‘Billu’

This Irrfan Khan starrer had some amazing backdrops.


The movie was shot in Polalchi district of Tamil Nadu. The place is located just about 40 km from Coimbatore.


6. Sundarapandianpuram in ‘Roja’

Roja has managed to cast a spell on all film goers with the simple beauty of the village where it was shot.


The gorgeous waterfalls you saw in the movie are in district Courtallam in Tamil Nadu. The area itself is known as the Spa of the South India!


7. Mahmudabad in ‘Dedh Ishqiya’

A major part of the movie has actually been shot in Mamudabad place in Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh.


8. Idhar village in ‘Guru’

The village in this award winning movie although portrayed in Gujarat, is located in Tamil Nadu. It is called Pollachi.


9. Meera’s House in ‘Dor’

This memorable movie of Ayesha Takia was actually shot in Umaidnagar Garh in Jodhpur.


The vast expanses of Jaisalmer only added to the personality of the movie.

10. Shakti Thakur’s village in ‘Virasat’

In the movie Anil Kapoor is shown as a zamindar of a cluster of villages in UP. But in reality the movie has been shot in the village Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.


11. Shanichari’s village in ‘Rudaali’

This cult movie with music by Bupen Hazarika was shot in the Barna village, in district Jaisalmer of Rajasthan.



Are you aware of other such villages? Write in.


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