Girl Cooks For The First Time After Losing Her Hands In A Bomb Blast, Gets Appreciated By Vikas Khanna

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12:55 pm 1 Aug, 2017


Himmat karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti!

We have been hearing this old saying since our childhood but 28-year-old Malvika Iyer has been doing everything to prove this saying right since the age of 13.

Malvika Iyer is a bomb blast survivor. She lost both her hands in an explosion at her home in Bikaner.

Malvika Iyer twitter


Life gave her a shock, as, after the blast, Malvika suffered severe injuries. Her legs were in the worst condition including multiple fractures, nerve paralysis, and hypesthesia. Hospitalized for 18 months, 13 year-old Malvika underwent multiple surgeries. With the help of crutches and prosthetic hands, she started her new life.


Throughout the struggling period, Malvika’s mother has been her support system. She gave Malvika strength, kept her motivated and never left her side. Soon, Malvika started doing everything on her own and started leading a normal life.

The only thing that was left was cooking. Now, Malvika has excelled in this task as well. She cooked for the first time all by herself and shared her happiness on Twitter.

Malvika’s picture after cooking. Twitter


Here’s what Malvika wrote about her experience,


Her efforts got the attention of famous chef, Vikas Khanna. He not only appreciated Malvika’s efforts but also expressed his desire to cook with her.

Here’s what the chef tweeted:


Surprised by this humble gesture of Vikas Khanna, Malvika expressed her happiness on receiving a message from him and posted:

A Disability Rights activist, Malvika is completing her Ph.D. in Social Work. Her motivational speeches at UN Women Commission’s youth forum, TEDxYouth (at Chennai) and at any podium she has been invited to speak at, are worth hearing!



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