Chef Vikas Khanna Launched The ‘World’s Most Expensive Cookbook’ At Cannes

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6:57 pm 18 May, 2015


Here comes the most expensive cookbook! Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna has launched his latest book, ‘Utsav – A culinary epic of Indian festivals’, at French Riviera in Cannes during the weekend, reports Yahoo.


The 16 kg book covers more than 70 festivals across India and includes 1,000 recipes. The limited edition book is priced at Rs. 8 lakh. Not only this, some of the writing in the book is in letters made of gold.

Vikas Khanna took more than 12 years to research, write, and collect photographs for this book.


As a gesture of gratitude, Vikas will hand deliver this cookbook to the world’s top 12 leaders who have inspired him. His journey will start from India’s PM Narendra Modi.



This is Vikas’s 21st book and is dedicated to the transgender community of India. He said at launch:

“The journey of anything auspicious begins with transgender community singing and clapping at the doors of our homes, their blessings are like Mother’s love. It may be a wedding, child births, first Diwali, Holi or Lohri, it’s their voices that bring the celebration in the occasion. So, I dedicate this book to them to them and applaud for their love and compassion in our Nation.”


Kudos to you, Vikas!



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