Vikas Gupta To Divide His Rs 6 Lakh Prize Money Among These Two Bigg Boss 11 Contestants

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3:19 pm 16 Jan, 2018


The most controversial season in the Bigg Boss history has finally ended. The ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ fame Shilpa Shinde became the most deserving candidate to win the season 11 of the show. The winner of the show got a glittering Bigg Boss trophy along with a prize money of Rs 44 lakh. Initially, the prize money was Rs 50 lakh but it came down to Rs 44 lakh when Vikas Gupta won Rs 6 lakh during the last task of the season.


Shilpa might have won the show but Vikas has won hearts of Bigg Boss fans. The famous producer played the game with a lot of grace using his mind wisely that made the contestants and fans call him the mastermind of the show. Throughout the season Vikas was seen playing the game like a chess and made people become his fan. During the stay, the contestants made many friends in the house and the two that came close to Vikas were Jyoti Kumari and Arshi Khan.



The bond that Vikas shared with Arshi and Jyoti in the house made him divide his prize money among the two. Talking about the same, Vikas said:

“Yes, I will give them Rs 3 lakh each. Jyoti stood by me like a rock when the whole house was against me. She shouted at each one of them saying, ‘No one will say a word to my Vikas bhai’. I got so much courage from a 20-year-old girl, who hails from a small town in Bihar. That incident gave me enough strength to survive in the house. Arshi, too, was protective of me. She cared more about me as a friend than the show.”


Vikas’ decision will surely make his fans love him even more. Don’t you think so? Do share your views in the comments below.