Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya Resigns From Rajya Sabha Before His Term Could Expire

8:50 pm 2 May, 2016

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya has resigned from his position as a member in the Rajya Sabha on May 2. It comes in response to the show cause notice sent to him by the Ethics Committee of Rajya Sabha last week.


The Ethics Committee came to meet last week and had come to the conclusion that he should be expelled from being a member in the Rajya Sabha.

Deciding that he will not face the ignominy of being expelled from the house, the disgraced liquor baron voluntarily resigned as a Member of Parliament from Rajya Sabha.


He wrote to the Ethics Committee and the Rajya Sabha secretary in a letter from London saying that he has resigned as a member of the upper house of the Parliament.

Needless to mention, his term as a member of the Rajya Sabha was also coming to an end in June itself.




The move came after the Enforcement Directorate summoned the businessman thrice to record his statement, but he repeatedly failed to appear.

The Ministry of External Affairs had also suspended his passport on the ED’s advice. Vijay Mallya is in a controversy over his default of almost Rs.9,000 crore of loans to Indian banks.

Of course, the ED wants Mallya to return to India and face the music over the bank loan default case.



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