Watch Out For ‘Vigil Bastard’, A Soon-To-Be-Released Film By Bakait Entertainment

3:45 pm 18 Jul, 2016

Bakait Entertainment, as they wish to call themselves, is an “an independent film making outfit”, and is ready with a new release ‘Vigil Bastard’.

This virtually unknown bunch of people, with an almost non-existing audience base has managed to release three films in the last one year.

So, when asked about how tough is it to make films for no one, they say, “It’s definitely tough but we are quite optimistic about the expansion of our audience base.”

Bastard Vigil


Talking about ‘Vigil Bastard’, which is written and directed by Gulshan Singh, he says:

“It’s a small film, so there won’t be much to say about it. The basic premise of the film is that every birth has a consequence to face and every death leaves a trail. The protagonist of the story embarks upon one such trail and thus faces the consequences of himself being born as a mortal human being.”

The film is tentatively scheduled to release in August. Here is the teaser:


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