Vidya Balan Mocks India’s Perspective Toward Sex, Calls It A ‘Feeling’ And ‘Not A Taboo’

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4:31 pm 16 Nov, 2017


Bollywood’s natural beauty, Vidya Balan is all set to win our hearts with her upcoming movie ‘Tumhari Sulu’. The actress is known for speaking her mind and expressing her opinion without mincing her words. She has always been the way she always wanted to. Shutting down critics and trolls the actress has always made a comeback with her epic replies.


Remember how Vidya replied to a journo who dared to ask about her weight loss plan? The actress blasted the journo gave him a befitting reply that he will never forget. The actress, who is known for doing women-centric roles has often been slammed for the character she has played in the movie ‘Dirty Picture’. However, many feel that it’s not fair to judge an artist this way.

In her recent interaction with IANS, Vidya opened up about her views about sex and said:


“Indian culture wants people to be sexual only in the institution of marriage and for reproduction.”


Talking about India’s ironic situation, the actress further added:

“It feels funny how inspite of being the most populated country in the world, we still don’t talk about sex openly.The idea of sex is looked down by people because Indian culture wants us to be sexual only in the institution of marriage, for purposes of procreation. But the whole feeling, the joy of intimacy, pleasure, and fun is missing.”

Vidya further expressed that making people aware and trying to change their perspective is a need today. It is important for people to understand and change their views towards sex.

We must strive for a traditional and yet modern balance, and (aim) for the hypocrisy related to sex to go away. Our children need to know that sex is a feeling, not a taboo.”


According to Vidya, the current thinking of people about sex “takes away the joy of intimacy”.


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