Vidya Balan Says She’s Bored Of The Nepotism Debate, And Seriously, So Are We

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1:59 pm 26 Jul, 2017



This eight-letter word is the most disturbing element on the internet these days. In a country, which is bounded by terrorism, and other key issues, nepotism, sadly, seems like THE debate of the century.

There have been endless debates, opinions, and articulated open letters. Yes, to an extent, these discussions are helping Bollywood to evolve for the better, but at the same time, too much noise is creating a headache.

It all started when the queen of outsiders aka Kangana disrespected Karan Johar’s legacy by calling him the flag bearer of nepotism on ‘KWK’.




Further, this controversy took a messy turn at the IIFA stage where Karan, Varun Dhawan, and Saif Ali Khan, officially declared that “Nepotism Rocks”.

Since then, media is reaching out to every Bollywood actor, and asking them their view point. And making it a pressing issue. Why?

Only because, what Bollywood stars say, sells.

Like many of us, Vidya Balan is bored of this fuss, too. In an event, she was asked about her take on it. This is what she said,



With due respect to everyone who has been involved in this controversy, I am bored of this. Who’s on whose side, who is saying what. Even if I read that word (nepotism), I turn the page. All of that happened a few months ago, now something new happened. I am not interested, sorry.





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