Man Dressed In Army Uniform Posts Derogatory Video On Vidya Balan Over Her Remark On Armymen

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4:35 pm 10 Nov, 2017


The Dirty Picture actress Vidya Balan, who will be seen in Tumhari Sulu soon, recently told PTI that women avoid talking about the sexual harassment out of fear of being judged. According to Balan, sexual harassment is not limited to the entertainment industry alone, and it exists in every industry. She also said that people have now started talking more about it. When asked about sexual harassment under the #MeToo Campaign, she said that she was once a victim of it. According to her, while waiting at VT station, a jawan stared at her breast and that angered her so much. She said she confronted him and told him that his duty is to protect the country and not staring at women.


As per a media report, a person who calls himself Rahul Sangwan and says he works in the Army, has circulated a derogatory video on Facebook taking on Vidya Balan for her remarks against the Army jawan.


The video has been uploaded on the Facebook page of Youth BJP. Soon after the video was shared, it has received over 20,000 shares.

Please note that TopYaps does not in any way promote or support such derogatory videos that show disrespect for women and that such videos should always be condemned.

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