This Girl Danced Onto The Tunes Of ‘Raja Hindustani’ After Allegedly Getting Ditched By Boyfriend, Video Goes Viral

5:41 pm 1 Feb, 2018

Social media is an interesting place, especially because of the fact that people love to share the weird, bizarre and funny stuff from their lives. Every now and then we see amazing videos which take away all our attention. But sometimes certain videos become popular for reasons not even worth the popularity. This time too, a video is getting viral on the internet and the reason behind it would simply boggle with your mind.


YouTube Screenshot.

Imagine a girl dancing, not because she loves dancing but because she had been ditched by her lover. Now imagine the same girl dancing outside the house of her lover, who ditched him!

Something like that happened with this girl who is allegedly drunk and is dancing onto the painful songs of “Raja Hindustani” in the video being shared on the social media.


YouTube Screenshot.

The video has been uploaded on the social media by a user named Sandeep Sehwag, as per a report by NDTV. He captioned the video “a drunk girl was dancing in front of her boyfriend’s house in Helmandi, in Pataudi, Gurugram. She was dancing on DJ on the famous song from the film Raja Hindustani, because her boyfriend ditched her”, as per another report.


YouTube Screenshot.

However, the real reason behind the girl’s dance is not yet clear, as these days fake content also keeps circulating online. Still, users are believing this entire incident to be true and thus they are tagging their friends in the video. The video has already been shared more than four thousand times. The duration of the video is five minutes.

Watch the complete video here!