This Guy’s Weird Video Is Making People Sick, People Are Calling It A Disorder

6:20 pm 1 Jun, 2018


These days there is so much craze among people to get social media fame. A lot of them have been trying their hand on becoming influencers by posting their pictures and hourly updates on Instagram or posting controversial and attention seeking stuff on other social media handles. Right from sharing weird, ugly, disturbing, disgusting, dangerous, unusual, weird video and picture online, this generation has nothing to do with the ‘usual’ and ‘boring’ stuff.




Millennials are technology and internet freaks. As much as they use latest gadgets and apps, they discover different ways to gain popularity. Out of various cool apps which have now become the favorite time-pass of the millennials, there is one app called which is making people addicted to it.


This Chinese video and live broadcasting social app is almost everyone’s favorite and has gained huge popularity in India also. Through this app, people usually make their music videos on their favorite numbers and share them online.

Recently, a similar weird video has surfaced the internet which is now being shared and viewed widely. However, if we tell you that this is one of the weirdest videos that has ever surfaced the internet, you won’t be able to stop yourself but see the video till the end. Some of you may even skip watching it due to the location in the video where it has been shot. Now take a look at the video and decide for yourself if it is weird at all or not!


People are calling this a disease! Jokes apart, let us read all the tweets below related to the weird video. Some of them may be really disturbing!