Know About The Actress Who Was A Part Of The Obscene Video With Swami Nithyananda

4:56 pm 24 Nov, 2017


Godmen do extraordinarily well in India. From financial fraud to rape, these self-styled godmen seem to be grabbing national headlines on a fairly regular basis. The fanatic following of these godmen often baffles the commoners, making them wonder – just who are these people? More surprisingly, one really wonders why do so many people believe in these dubious men and women to the extent that they are even willing to die for them?

Swami Nithyananda was embroiled in a sex clip controversy with Tamil actress Ranjitha in 2010. News Click


In 2010, the entire nation was take aback by a video, where the Tamil guru Swami Nithyananda was seen in an objectionable position with a lady. The video was splashed in a Tamil news channel, from where it went viral in all platforms of the internet.


But who was the woman sharing bed with the godman? Well, it was a setback for the entire southern film industry as the woman was recognized as none other than famous actress Ranjitha. Although both of them maintained that the video was morphed and that none of them had any liaison with one another, the Bangalore-based Forensic Sciences Laboratory confirmed that the video was absolutely untouched.

A screenshot from the video. India Today


Both Nithyananda and Ranjita knocked at tried to seek help from the court of law but were unable to prove them guilt-free. This was because even the central forensic laboratory confirmed that the video was not at all tampered with.

Let’s take a moment to know about Ranjitha.

Born as Sreevalli, she was named Ranjitha by the famous National Award-winning director P Bharathiraja before he launched her in the 1992 film Nadodi Thendral.

Ranjitha. India Today


Thereafter, she worked in many films and earned herself great accolades for her acting skills. Not just in Tamil, she worked in all four major south Indian languages – Malayalam, Telegu and Kannada. In fact, she was also bestowed with the highest award for excellence in cinema sponsored by the Andhra Pradesh government, the Nandi Award, for Best Supporting Actress for SV Krishna Reddy’s Telugu film Maavichiguru in 1996.

Ranjitha’s Marriage And Life After

Ranjitha was literally in peak of her career when she got married to her college beau Rakesh Menon, an Army major, in the year 2000. However, their marriage failed to be successful and the couple got divorced seven years later in 2007.


Right after her marriage, she took a brief break from films, only to return in the industry in 2001. However, she failed to get lead roles after this and started acting in supporting roles. She even forayed into television with the Tamil daily soap ‘Krishnadasi’.

The Sex Scandal And Her Return To Limelight

The world had almost forgotten Ranjitha, when she sprung back into limelight, the courtesy to which goes to the sex clip. It was the famous Tamil channel Sun TV, who telecast the sex clip, in which both the guru and Ranjitha were seen in amorous state.

The Tamil actress has undertook the life of celibacy and leads life now as Ma Anandamayi. Zee News


Even though Ranjitha denied all allegations against her, she continued to frequent to Nithyananda’s ashram. In fact, in 2013, it is said that she took the life of celibacy and changed her name to Ma Anandamayi. She became a sanyasini at none other than the self-styled godman’s ashram, which is near Bangalore.


It is said that she stays here even to this date.

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