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Top 10 Video Streaming Apps And Services For Android Phones

Updated on 18 January, 2018 at 12:25 pm By

Android phones for Google are quickly gaining popularity. Recent news shows that the Google Android phones, have for once in USA record, outsold Apple iPhone. Actually, most observers and analysts predict that Android phones will become more popular in the foreseeable future.


There is also a great rise of Android Apps in the last few months. Many companies which formed iPhone apps are getting interested in developing Android compatible apps. With high-resolution screens, large screens and fast processors in Android phones, there will be a huge demand for apps of video streaming for Android. More companies are thinking of launching video streaming services in Android phones.

Let us have a look at the top 10 apps for video streaming and service in Android phones.

1. Hubi (Free)

The app is popular in video streaming and was developed by MegaDevs. 39 sites are currently supported by Hubi including streaming only in YouTube, StreamCloud, 180Upload, FileNuke and more. Users are able to delete ads and share with friends some video links to popular sites. It can also keep track of videos watched recently and has system-wide integration feature.

2. DIRECTV (Free)

Users are able to live-stream TV while on the move or in their home with DIRECTV.  You can see your favorite shows or movies from StarZ, Encore, Cinemax, Showtime and more. Speak to the app to get exactly what you are looking for. You can set recordings and change between channels. Social sharing is inclusive and specific shows feelings are able to be posted on Twitter or Facebook. The app is able to be used only when you have a subscription for DIRECTV.

3. Show Box

It is an entertainment application made for Android tools. ShowBox primarily allows you to download or stream videos for free. The unlimited stock of TV shows, movies, new music albums, news, and trailers are encompassed. Everything can be downloaded and streamed online on your Android phone.

Initially, the application was just available for Android phones. Due to the huge demand, the developers started the application in other application platforms too. It can be obtained in Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows etc.


Some highlighted features of ShowBox to follow are chrome case support, a variety of resolutions to choose from, the unlimited content of watching trustable video links, easy streaming and downloading the application, user-friendly UI and time to time updates of movies and series.

Download APK

4. Terrarium TV

This is one of the greatest TV applications in the world; there is no language barrier or geographical restriction. People are able to watch unlimited TV shows and movies from different cities and countries without spending any money from their pockets.

Since the year 2016, when it was introduced, the hearts of many have been won by Terrarium TV. It has link reliability, video quality, quick download speeds unique from other TV and movie streaming applications.

5. Streaming Movies (Free)

Streaming Movies is a recent ad-free app for streaming by Appmovement. If you like foreign films, you might want to have a look at Streaming Movies. Watch Horror, Comedy, Drama, Western, Thriller and the list keeps on. The lists get to be updated and you can obtain information about what you are watching. Casting lists and trailers are just a click away. You can get Streaming Movies from Google Play Store.

6. Google Play TV and Movies

When you download your favorite TV shows and movies from Google Play Store, ensure you download Google Play TV and Movies. With this app, users are able to stream content on either Android tablet or phone. Content is viewable without a WiFi connection. You can upload your private videos or edit personal libraries. TV shows can only be downloaded in the US.

7. Dish anywhere

It is similar to DirecTV. One can watch DISH in any place. Recorded and original programmes can be watched through the app on any Android tool. Search for TV shows by genre, keyword, actor, title or network. You can easily find the movies and shows you what need to watch with its easy user interface. When you make recordings a priority, you can manage your DVR.

8. NetFlix

This is an old movie streaming application. It is a website and application which proudly boasts of offering cross-platform services. Unlike other movie apps, NetFlix has a great user interface for the search of news, movies, TV show and random videos which are simple and easy. A free trial is offered on the first basic month of which you can decide on your subscription charges. The charge for basic subscription is $9 per month! It is available on all devices and platforms.

9. Crackle

This is another movie streaming application which contains a large amount of online content that can be streamed easily with an excellent network connection. As of now, Crackle has 20-30 million people who use it. It has an amazing feature of being able to save videos for future referral on one’s watch list. It is an interesting feature that cannot be seen on other applications.

10. CinemaBox HD

Previously known by the name of PlayBox HD, CinemaBox HD is an application which needs to be fully explored. It is getting difficult for the developers to woo customers now because of its change of name and extensive maintenance.

It is a great app made for downloading, searching and streaming of exclusive videos which are available on the internet. An incredible process of streaming can be experienced that is not seen on other devices. In a short time, the app downloads heavy files onto your mobile then automatically manages resolution as per your network connection.

Streaming movies, TV shows and movies on your Android tool is becoming easier and better all the time.

Keep in mind that when streaming in your 3G or 4G carrier data connection, you will consume into your plan of data. If you are on unlimited plan, there is nothing to worry you, though when using a tiered plan of data, you need to keep streaming in your data cap line.

The list of streaming applications you can use on your Android device does not end with these ten.




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