This Cheeky Video Showing Indian Girls Talk About Sex Uninhibited Reflects Our Changing Attitude

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:15 pm

‘Sex’ is pretty much still a taboo subject – especially so when a woman talks about it. Both parties are consensually involved, yet the loud proclaiming banter is saved for the guys while girls carry on their hushed conversations with timid smiles behind closed doors. PrankChuu, a youtube channel known for pulling out funny, entertainment prank videos, carried out this conversation with girls of Pune and whoa, the reactions were not that timid and hushed.


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The video can be termed as cheeky and funny, but what comes out surprising is how comfortable Indian women are becoming in talking about sex and pleasure. It no more sounds like a taboo subject and women are more open talking about it on streets with strangers.


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Indian stereotypes have for long deprived women of the freedom to accept sexual pleasure as that of their own. This video reflects the changing mentality of the Indian audience. We indeed need more open conversations, till sex becomes as equated to our needs of food, water and security – which as my Science textbook taught me, it indeed is.