10 Facts About Your Favourite Games You Should Know Right Now

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4:00 pm 7 Jun, 2015


1. Mario’s original name was Mr. Video Game. The name Mario was a tribute to the landlord of Nintendo’s first warehouse – Mr. Mario Segale.


2. Pacman design was thought of by Toru Iwatani while he was having a pizza.


3. The Playstation was originally made as a Nintendo’s console with Sony to make the inside components. When Nintendo changed their mind over the console, Sony decided to go ahead anyway.


4. The 1990 game “Golden Axe” for SEGA was voiced entirely by prisoners on death row.



5. In the original arcade version of “Donkey Kong”, Mario was called a “Jumpman”.


6. The X Box was originally named as the “Direct X Box”.


7. Matt Damon rejected to voice the lead character in video game version of Bourne series “Bourne Conspiracy”, because he thought it was too violent.


8. The Pokemon game creator Satoshi Tajiri got the idea of Pokemon after collecting the caterpillars and watch them change to Butterfly.


9. Nintendo is Japanese for “Leave luck to heaven”.


10. And Atari means “Success”.



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