This Powerful Video Will Make You Question Our Society’s Beauty Standards

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2:54 pm 12 Aug, 2016


Dimple chin, rosy lips, curly hair… this is what we learned in nursery and many of us have grown to associate beauty with such physical features. The seeds of such prejudice were laid at a very tender age. Even today, our children continue to grow with nursery rhymes and stories that advocate pretty girls with fair skin and rosy cheeks.

It’s time for us to do something about this. Let not not allow poems and songs, and stories to set beauty standards for our children. A dusky girl can be as pretty as a fair girl. But, during their growing years, when girls watch fair girls having greater social appeal in comparison, they are victimized by false premises. Marriage proposals are rejected if the girl is not fair. Sometimes, employers also feel that dusky women may not be as presentable.


It’s time to break the rules and #ChangeTheRhyme. This powerful video by Dove has answers to all the questions . A must watch video revealing the double standards of the society.




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