Move Over Sex Toys, This ‘Smart’ Lipstick Is Here To Do The Trick!

5:31 pm 30 Oct, 2018


“Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me!” This song is etched in every lover’s mind when they think of dirty sex! Dirty sex or just a passionate night can get better if you have one sure shot tool – the vibrator! To appease your partner, Vibease ‘smart’ lipstick is here to make the two of you all creepy (and intimate) tonight for that long-standing session.

As winter gets closer, so does our appetite for a cozy night with our partner – all warmed up in bed or slouchy sofas. But hey, what if your partner is away? Don’t you still fantasize?



Now, Vibease ‘smart’ lipstick is here to take care of you and your sleazy desires! Whether you’re single or ready to mingle, this sex toy is serious business!




Vibease has developed this revolutionary AI sex toy in the shape of a lipstick so that when you travel, there’s no issue of privacy!



What’s this Vibease ‘smart’ lipstick all about?



 The unique design of Vibease ‘smart’ lipstick?



Any special specifications? Yes, there are two!


a. Apart from being a personalized sex toy, it’s water-resistant and comes with a standard USB cable charging dock.



b. Using the remote control touch function on the app, your partner can send vibrations to you. It’s connected to an app with voice control modules.



Is it expensive or a cheap buy?

While it surely depends upon how much you want to invest in your fantasy, this AI sex toy isn’t really the cheapest – it costs a hefty £78! Fortunately, some UK buyers can stock it up for a discounted price of £46.



Finally, watch the future of love-making here:




This absolute revolutionary sex toy seems to be a must-buy in 2019, but we’re still not sure whether we’re impressed or dumbstruck with its bizarreness!

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