Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu Calls For Abolishing ‘Triple Talaq’, Says It’s ‘Anti-Constitutional’

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5:28 pm 22 Oct, 2016

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu on October 22 described ‘ triple talaq ‘ as anti-constitutional and ‘anti-civilisation’ and said its high time that the country should get rid of it.


Calling it “gender discrimination”, he said that the concept discriminates among men and women on the lines of justice, dignity, and equality.

“Triple talaq is anti-constitutional, against law, against the principles of democracy and anti-civilisation. This kind of opinion is on the rise. There is a discussion going on, on this subject. Already so much of time has been taken. It is time the country should move forward to abolish ‘triple talaq’ to end the discrimination and also have gender justice and equality before law. We should end this.”

He further added that even Muslim women are against it and are demanding justice.

“Even Muslim women are demanding justice. There should not be any gender discrimination. There should be gender justice. All are equal before the Constitution.”

Naidu, further suggested that people go and voice their concern before the Supreme Court, which is currently scrutinizing the issue.

With regards to the Uniform Civil Code, Naidu said the government “will do everything in a transparent manner” and will also take the Parliament into confidence.

He though added that “some sections are resorting to a false propaganda” and trying to portray that the government is trying to implement Common Civil Code from the backdoor, which is not the case.


Earlier this month the Centre for the first time, had opposed the Supreme Court with regards to the practice of triple talaq, ‘nikah halala’ and polygamy among Muslims and asked that there should be a “re-look” on the grounds of gender equality and secularism.


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