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Passenger Records Tea Vendor At Railway Station Doing This, Video Will Make Chai Lovers Feel Extremely Disgusted

Updated on 9 May, 2018 at 3:49 pm By

There are two groups in India- chai lovers and people who don’t love chai at all. Almost more than half of the country’s population has an obsession with chai. Every occasion for Indians is a good enough occasion to have a cup of tea.

Disclaimer: Graphic content below for all chai lovers.



In a country, where chai is no less than a national refreshment, a highly disgusting video has gone viral where railway employees are seen filling their tea kettles with water from toilets in the train.

Chai is one beverage people start craving for, after entering railway stations and this video has highly hurt the sentiments of the people who have been relying on Indian railway tea since years.

The video has gone viral on the different social media platforms and the only question that’s arising in people’s minds is, do they use it for soup, coffee, and other food items as well? The answer to this question is a YES! There are high chances of the same.

Twitter user Punit Tyagi left people shocked when he shared this video. The tea that is served to lakhs and lakhs of people on daily basis is being made from the water taken from the most unhygienic place.

People have started raising question against the railway answering and are waiting for answers. Here’s how people reacted:




Do you think a strict action will be taken against this? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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