45 Vehicles Of The Indian Army Which Serve As The Lifeline Of The Force

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10:00 am 18 Jun, 2015

The vehicles used by the Indian Army improve its operational efficiency and communications. It also equips our Armed Forces with modern defence and battle field equipment. Here is a list of all the vehicles that are used by the Indian Army:


1. Arjun MBT: Designed by Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CRVDE), Arjun MBT is India’s main battle tank.

A 120 mm main rifled gun is featured by Arjun MBT which has a four man crew.

Origin: India


2. T-90S “Bhishma” and T-90M: Fitted with a 125mm 2A46 smoothbore tank gun, the T-90 has an operational range of 700 km.

Origin: Russia


3. T-72 Ajeya: Produced by a Heavy Engineering plant in Avadi, a large number of tanks have been modified to Combat Improved Ajeya which has DRDO explosive reactive armour and various other improved features.

Origin: Soviet Union


Infantry Fighting Vehicle

4. BMP-2 “Sarath”: Built by Ordnance Factory Medak, there are currently more than 900 BMP-2 units in service.

Origin: Soviet Union


Armoured Personnel Carriers

5. BTR-50: It is an amphibious armoured personnel carrier designed to transport infantry to the battlefield.

Origin: Soviet Union


Tank destroyers

6. NAMICA: NAMICA or the Nag Missile Carrier is a tank destroyer which can carry 12 missiles with 8 in ready to fire mode.

Origin: India


Reconnaissance vehicles

7. CMT: Carrier Mortar Tracked is a self-propelled mortar system developed by Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment. The vehicle carries 108 mortar rounds and also has amphibious capabilities.

Origin: India


8. TOPAS 2-A: Originally an amphibious armoured personnel carrier but was converted into a Technical Support Vehicle.

Origin: Czechoslovakia and Poland


9. DRDO Armoured Ambulance: Developed by the DRDO, it has built in Medical Facilities.

Origin: India


10. NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle: Developed by DRDO and VRDE, it is used for detection of nuclear, biological and chemical contamination.

Origin: India


11. PRP-3: This artillery reconnaissance vehicle is used by the Indian Army to locate artillery vehicles.

Origin: Soviet Union


Mine Vehicles

12. Casspir: Casspir is a landmine-protected infantry mobility vehicle that is used to transport troops. Currently, Indian Army has 90 in use.

Origin: South Africa


13. Tarmour AFV: The Tarmour AFV is based on the conversion of old T55 inventories into top class AFVs along with Mine Plough and Mine Roller.

Origin: India


14. Hydrema: It is a mine clearing vehicle which can clear mines up to the width of 3.5 metre.

Origin: Denmark


15. Aditya MVP: The ‘Aditya’ vehicle which was developed by DRDO provides increased protection to troops engaged in counter-terrorism operations.

Origin: India


16. DRDO Daksh: It is a battery-operated remote-controlled robot whose primary function is to recover bombs.

Origin: India


Engineering and Support

17. Kartik ABL: Designed and developed by CVRDE and Research and Development Establishment, it is based on a Vijayanta chassis and is manufactured by Heavy Vehicles Factory.

Origin: India


18. Bridge Laying Tank MT-55: The MT-55 is an armoured vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB) tank.

Origin: Soviet Union


19. Sarvatra: Developed by the DRDO, the Sarvatra is a 75 meters long multi-span mobile bridging system.

Origin: Indian


20. T-72 BLT: Developed by CVRDE and manufactured by Heavy Vehicles Factory, the Indian Army currently has 12 T-72 BLT.

Origin: India


21. CEASE: The Canal Embankment Assault Equipment (CEASE) is a special type of bridging system developed by the Research & Development Establishment. India currently has six such bridging systems.

Origin: India


22. AERV: It is designed to carry out terrestrial and riverbed survey to facilitate construction of assault bridges across water obstacles in both offensive and defensive operations in plains, desert and riverine terrain.

Origin: India


23. BMP-2 AAD: AAD stands for Armoured Amphibious Dozer which is a variant of BMP-2 with a folding dozer blade at the rear, mine ploughs, a main winch with a capacity of 8,000 kg and a rocket-propelled earth anchor for self-recovery.

Origin: India


24. FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor: It is an amphibious lightly armoured vehicle used for bridge construction and towing activities in the front line of battle.

Origin: United Kingdom


25. WZT-2: It is an armoured recovery vehicle used to carry out repairs on other tanks.

Origin: Poland


26. WZT-3M: The WZT-3M is an upgrade of WTZ-2 having a better engine. India employs more than 300 such vehicles.

Origin: Poland


27. VT-72B ARV: It was designed to recover equipment stuck damaged or even to make repairs in the battlefield.

Origin: Soviet Union


28. Armoured Vehicle Tracked Light Repair: Based on BMP-2, it is manufactured at the Ordnance Factory Medak and is used for light repairs.

Origin: India


29. Mat Ground Surfacing CL-70: It has been developed for providing mobility in sandy and marshy terrain.

Origin: India


30. Yuktirath Light Recovery Vehicle: It is manufactured at Ordnance Factory Medak and is used for light repairs.

Origin: India



Other Miscellaneous Vehicles 

(Foreign manufactured)

31. KrAZ-6322

Origin: Ukraine


32. Mitsubishi Pajero

Origin: Japan


33. Sisu Nasu

Origin: Finland


34. Hino Super Dolphin FZ9J

Origin: Japan



(Made in India)

35. Mahindra 550 DXB


36. Swaraj Mazda


 37. Maruti Gypsy


38. Windy 505


 39. VFJ LPTA 713 TC


40. Ashok Leyland Topchi


41. VFJ Stallion Mk III and IV


 42. Ashok Leyland Crash Fire Tender


43. Tata LPTA 1615 TC


44. Tatra 8×8 Mobile Decontamination Vehicle.

The decontamination unit is fitted on a Czech-made Tatra truck.

45. BEML Tatra



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