15 Vegetarian Dishes That Would Change Your Opinion On Bengali Cuisine Forever

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12:00 pm 2 May, 2015


You thought Bong cooking was all about macher jhol bhaat or kosha mangsho, well the world of Bengali cuisine is a vegetarian’s paradise too.

Don’t believe me? Just try these 15 mouth-watering delicacies, all pure vegetarian!

1. Aloo posto

A lip smacking dish that goes equally well with both rice and its variants as well as roti/puri/chapati, aloo posto, a quick dish made from fried potatoes and poppy seed paste is an obsession through out Bengal and trust me you too are likely to be as obsessed once you try it!



2. Mochar ghonto

Banana florets for lunch? Well, if you are making faces you ought to try this Bengali version of spicy banana floret curry with warm rice. Absolutely mouth watering!


3. Echorer Dalna

This spicy curry of raw jackfruit tastes the best when cooked with shrimps but its vegetarian version tastes as good. Do try it.


4. Labra

The Bengali style mixed sabji that usually comes with khichuri is a must for any religious festivity. Cherish the next time you cook khichdi, with it.


5. Begun pora

If Punjabis take pride in inventing the baiggan bharta, its Bengali version, begun pora isn’t any less delicious, and it is much easily made.


6. Kumro chakka

If you hate pumpkins you ought try this quick snack made from pumpkins with luchi (the Bengali style puri).


7. Dhokar dalna

A gravy of steamed lentil puddings, this dish often replaces macher jhol on vegetarian occasions.


8. Pui shaker chorchori

If north India invented palak paneer, Bengal has its shaak (leaves or herbes) chorchoris to boast off.


9. Dumurer dalna

A curry of green raw figs, dumurer dalna is an endangered recipe in today’s fast paced lifestyle. Its rarity is only increasing its demand among food lovers.


10. Kancha kolar kofta

If mocha (banana florets) could work wonders, why wouldn’t kancha kolar kofta (raw banana balls)?


11. Lau ghonto

A light and subtle recipe of gourd, lau ghonto is quite the ideal summer dish, when served with rice.


12. Thor

Bengalis have made banana the most versatile of all ingredients, and thus they use mocha (the flower), kanchkola (the green bananas) and Thor (white stems of the banana plant) in cooking. You should try, too.


13. Kochu/oal bhape

Did you ever try a mixed souffle of steamed yam and mustard with piping hot rice? Well, the Bengalis did and they weren’t disappointed, on the contrary they discovered an awesome low calorie dish, wanna try it too?


14. Chanar kalia

If you have tried the north Indian paneer tikka masala and shahi paneer, try this Bengali version made from fresh cottage cheese and cooked with fennel and coriander seeds, it’s soothing yet the taste lingers in your mouth.


15. Shukto

Only a Bengali can make bitter things taste good. No wonder a meal beginning with warm shukto exuding a rich ghee aroma is every Bengali’s summer fantasy!


Go try all of these.



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