These 6 Vegetarian Bollywood Celebs Are Giving Us Some Major Health Goals!

5:16 pm 13 Aug, 2018


Ever heard of the phrase, ‘never compromise with your health’? Well, in today’s world, everybody wants to stay fit, active and healthy. One can not deny the fact that being a vegetarian comes with a lot of benefits. Trust us, those vegetables and fruits can make you 10 times healthier. All you have to do is, stick to your diet plan with utmost dedication; take the example of our vegetarian Bollywood celebs if you must.

Without going into the vegan v/s non-vegan (a cliched debate), we are simply here to share with you, the mantra for a much healthier lifestyle, so just hear us out! When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it seems that our Bollywood celebrities are totally supporting the very idea of being a vegetarian.


Take a look at these vegetarian Bollywood celebs who are setting some major diet goals for all of us:



1. Shahid Kapoor



Well, by now, everyone knows that when we talk about the celebrities who are absolutely fit, we cannot forget Mr. Kapoor. The Padmaavat star has a super healthy lifestyle. As per a media report, Shahid switched to vegetarianism after reading Life is Fair by Brian Hines. Apparently, the Book was given to him by his father Pankaj Kapur. That’s not it, we all know that he is particular about his workouts too. No doubt he ranked 1st on the Sexiest Asian Man 2017 list.


2. John Abraham



Without the shadow of a doubt, fitness and John go hand in hand. John is a vegetarian who has set some major goals for fitness aspirants. The actor’s love for animals is also not hidden. The Force 2 star has a killer physique. His perfectly chiseled body is surely a work of art! Well, we can certainly see how he stays fit!


3. Aamir Khan



When we talk about vegetarianism, how can we forget Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist aka Aamir Khan? According to a media report, it’s been a while since the actor switched to veganism. The actor doesn’t eat milk, ghee etc. But curd is an exception. Looking at it one can see that the Dangal star is surely fit. After all, he surely is amongst our vegetarian Bollywood celebs who rock!


4. Amitabh Bachchan



Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has also switched to vegetarianism for the greater good. The actor believes in eating healthy and staying fit. Interestingly, in an interview, Big B mentioned that he doesn’t smoke, drink and has quit eating non-veg. Perhaps this is the reason behind his ageless aura!


5. R. Madhavan




Tanu Weds Manu star, R. Madhavan is also a vegetarian. We all know that in the past, Madhavan featured in a video titled as “Glass Walls”  and requested people to switch to veganism. He even mentioned that people should dismiss violence against animals. Apparently, the video was shot for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Well, he has got a point!


6. Vidyut Jammwal



Bollywood’s hottie, Vidyut Jamwal is famous for his jaw-dropping body and killer martial arts, and it seems that his fitness mantra also includes vegetarian food. In fact, the actor loves the idea of vegetarianism. Interestingly, the actor is a firm supporter of PETA as well. The Commando star is surely maintained and is living a healthy lifestyle which is also reflected in her performances!



Well, as you can see being a vegetarian surely comes with a lot of perks! What do you think?

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