Someone Photoshopped This Sikh Man’s Selfie To Look Like An Alleged Paris Attack Terrorist

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:05 pm

Hours after the Paris attack took place, Canadian resident Veerender Jubbal’s photo-shopped picture was posted and shared on Twitter, with the twitter handle user @abualut8 calling Jubbal as one of the attackers responsible for the terrorist attacks on Paris.

The tweet which was shared with a photo-shopped picture of Jubbal wearing a suicide bomb vest and holding a Quran read:



While the tweet was later deleted, the photo-shopped image got widely circulated, and went viral.

The doctored picture was widely shared that even pro-ISIS channel on the Telegram app circulated it.

This was the same app that the terrorist group used to claim responsibility for the Paris attacks.

Jubbal is an active participant of the Gamer Gate controversy that had created an uproar last year. The controversy was over the promotion of sexism in video games.


While the retouched photo was being circulated, some people realised that the picture was doctored and took upon themselves to come to Jubbal’s aid:

Learning about the fake tweet and the post, Jubbal soon took to Twitter to clear the air and trash the maliciousness that was touting him as guilty:

He then re-shared the original picture that was posted back in August and clearly showed that he was holding an I-Pad and not a Quran:

Despite his repeated tweets, there were many who still shared the post and attacked the young writer and looked at it as an opportunity to attack him on the Gamer Gate controversy:

In view of this Jubbal again sent out a tweet where he cleared that not only had he never been to Paris, but also that he was in Canada:

This is not the first time that an Indian has been falsely blamed for terrorist attack, back in 2013, student Sunil Tripathi was wrongly identified as a suspect of the Boston Bombing.

In Tripathi’s case too the rumour had started on a social media platform and the missing Brown University student’s family had to endure a lot of hardship till the actual suspects were captured and Sunil’s name was cleared.