Vatican Police Conduct A Raid At Cardinal’s Apartment To Take Control Over Drug Fueled Gay Party

11:30 am 7 Jul, 2017


As per a recent report, Vatican police have conducted raids on a Vatican-owned apartment. Apart from this an aide to one of Pope Francis’ key advisers, has been arrested.

In late June, police discovered mass usage of drugs and men engaged in homosexual activity. This came to light when a raid was carried out at the home owned by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, according to Il Fatto Quotidiano, an Italian newspaper which broke the news of the incident.

Raid has been conducted in cardinal’s apartment

The secretary of Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio has reportedly been arrested. The secretary was an occupant of the apartment, however, the official charges related to the incident have not been reported. Coccopalmerio, who holds the designation of the president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and leads interpretations of the laws of the Church, is reported to have recommended his secretary to Bishop, for promotion.


Police were reportedly warned by neighbors. The neighbors also complained of the aide’s unusual behavior and “a constant coming and going” from the apartment.

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio owns the apartment where his secretary lives and hosted a gay orgy


The Pope has been described as “enraged”. It is reported that the aide was taken to a clinic first and hospitalized to detox from the drugs he had used, and “is currently in retreat at a convent in Italy”.

This scandal came to light soon after Cardinal George Pell’s return to Australia to defend himself against charges related to multiple historical sex crimes. Pell, an important adviser to the Pontiff, is the highest-ranking church official facing abuse accusations.



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