Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Sacred Games Writer Varun Grover Unveils The ‘Ugly’ Side Of #MeToo Movement?

6:13 pm 10 Oct, 2018


It all started with Sri Reddy stripping in protest of the casting couch. Later that spark took the form of fire with Tanushree Dutta accusing Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. Then the floodgate just opened as people started coming up with their own stories of sexual harassment by celebrities from different walks of life. Recently, ‘star’ comedians Utsav Chakraborty and Gursimran Khamba also found themselves amidst this controversy. Some of them came out straight to apologize about their behaviors. There are others who stood their ground and denied the allegations. One of them is Varun Grover.

The rise of #MeToo movement in India is indeed very promising. This will give voice to those survivors who were victims of heinous behaviors of others. However, this also brings up another ugly truth.




There are those who are diminishing the value of this serious issue by coming up with false allegations against those who have acquired fame through their work. However, before discussing that, let’s give you a look at the entire fiasco concerning Sacred Games writer Varun Grover.



In an anonymous post, someone accused Varun Grover of sexually harassing her during a drama practice when they both were students of BHU. This is what she wrote:



However, Varun Grover came out strong countering every acquisition point by point. He started by pointing out that he was never a student of BHU but IT-BHU. As the posts followed, he countered the allegations logically with facts and also called out the lady to come up with proper evidence. This is what he tweeted:



He finally ended his post by saying that the spirit of #MeToo movement should be kept alive but without the cost of defamation of someone who is not guilty.

Personally, in this case, his reply certainly makes a lot of sense and gives the feeling that the accusations might be false. Also, I can’t help but agree that there are many who are misusing this movement of change to gain 15-minutes of fame or fulfill their personal vendetta.



While we cannot demand an instant change in the mentality of people but we need to be careful in terms of what we choose to believe. The false allegations of harassment not only hamper the reputation of the other person but also dilute a grave issue like sexual harassment.


The victims are both, the ones who faced sexual harassment and the ones who are roped in with false allegations. What do you think?

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