Varun Dhawan Lands Himself In Trouble For Taking A Highly Dangerous Selfie

5:00 pm 23 Nov, 2017


What happens when you spot your favorite actors, cricketers or other famous celebrities? You either say hi, express your fandom and then insist them for a selfie or maybe you just not able to gather the courage to speak to them.

In the times when celebrities are one tweet away from their fans, people have started accepting them as normal humans. However, for some, this craze and fandom is a life goal.

Many in fact are ready to risk their lives just for a picture with their favorite stars.




However, this incident is about how an actor did the same to his fan. Varun Dhawan recently had a moment where he not only put his fan’s life in danger by accepting to take the most dangerous selfie so far, in fact, risked his own life too.

In this situation, both the fan and Varun were at fault and it could have landed them in a chaos. This is what exactly happened.


As per a report published in India Today, Varun Dhawan has been issued an e-challan for his recent selfie-stunt. Mumbai police shared a Tweet having two pictures where Dhawan can be seen putting his head almost out of his car and taking a selfie with a woman, who is sitting in an auto rickshaw, while the two are amidst heavy traffic in the middle of a road.

Check out what Mumbai Police tweeted.


The police called this act not only dangerous in fact irresponsible too, warning him for a harsher punishment if he tries to attempt the same next time.

In response to the tweet by Mumbai Police, Varun has now tweeted an apology saying, “My apologies. Our cars weren’t moving since we were at a traffic signal and I didn’t want to hurt the sentiment of a fan.”


Later Mumbai Police again tweeted and appreciating Dhawan for his response. They further wrote, “Leaning out even in a stationary vehicle can be distracting for others considering your popularity.”


People must learn to follow traffic rules, and understand that their lives are valuable to many other people too.

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