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Varun Dhawan’s Niece Anjini Dhawan Can Give Newcomers A Run For Their Money. See Her Stunning Pics

Published on 27 June, 2018 at 5:55 pm By

Indian Cinema is an industry with deep-seated roots and a huge mass appeal. There are numerous families who have been in the movie biz for many generations and will hopefully continue for many more to come. One such Bollywood family which has made major contributions to Indian cinema is the Dhawan clan.
This family boasts of actors, director, and producers working across Indian cinema as well as TV industry. And it seems like Anjini Dhawan will be one superb addition to this league.



Anjini Dhawan. Source


Actor Varun Dhawan is currently one of the most popular Dhawan along with his father. But it seems like Anjini Dhawan might steal the spot in the future.


Anjini with uncle Varun Dhawan. Source


This youngest Dhawan is merely 18-years-old. And though she shies away from media, she sure can make heads turn with her killer looks. She is the daughter of actor-producer Siddharth Dhawan who has worked in films as well as television.



Actor Siddharth Dhawan. Source


Anjini has an impeccable sense of style and has been making followers fall in love with her Insta posts. Let’s have a look at some of her most amazing Insta pics:


A face that deserves to be on the big screen:



Anjini Dhawan rocking a nude bodycon dress like a boss:



Dhawan looking nothing like a first-timer during her first photo shoot:



The teenager all dressed up for prom night:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Anjini Dhawan (@anjinidhawan) on


Here’s the teen enjoying her graduation:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Anjini Dhawan (@anjinidhawan) on


Anjini in an uber chic beach look:



All set to head out in a gorgeous red dress:



The Dhawan girl is also very close friends with Khushi Kapoor, who is late actress Sri Devi’s younger daughter. The BFFs seem to share an unbreakable bond, something that Anjini Dhawan makes note of in her following Instagram post:



While Khushi’s big sis is all set to make her Bollywood debut, we wonder when will these BFFs step in.


Judging from her looks, this Dhawan family fashionista will definitely rock B-Town if and when she decides to join the biz. Let us know which one of Anjini’s pictures you loved the most, in the comments section below.

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