Varun Talks About His First Kiss, Heartbreaks And Believes ‘Dilwale’ Was Not A Mistake

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1:50 pm 20 Sep, 2016


Varun Dhawan has a dynamic personality and it manifests in his vibrant acting talent. His on-screen energy is infectious, engaging and binds the audience instantly. Whether he plays the bubbly ‘Humpty Sharma’ or psycho ‘Raghu’, his versatility justifies the characters with sheer honesty. And don’t forget his effortless dance moves in ‘ABCD 2’!

Well, we have known him as an actor but beyond that? Not really. Varun was recently interviewed at a youth summit, ‘Mind Rocks’, where he opened about things that were private to him.

We all have that nervous first kiss stories concealed within us and Varun had one too:

“I’m not going to tell you her name.. a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. Anyway, I was 13 years old, she was a year younger than me. It was at the back of her building. I don’t know why, but I thought I knew what I was going to be doing. I’d seen Titanic and all. After a few minutes of my fumbling around, she got impatient, caught me, said ‘what are you doing?’ and then just went for it…”


An artist cannot be called a complete artist until he suffers a heartbreak:

“I was in HR college at the time… it was the first serious, long term relationship I’d been in. I think it had lasted four months… but then she cheated with me. I think I dealt with it okay; I’m a little dramatic – I’m an actor, after all – so I think I somewhere wanted to experience heartbreak anyway. There are supposed to be nine emotions, and you need to go through all of them to learn.”

Varun had always shied away from speaking about his private life but nevertheless, he dropped some major hints about his rumored girlfriend, Natasha Dalal:

“I don’t think I can say I have a life partner because we haven’t decided to get married but yes I do have someone I care a lot about.”


Moreover, he also spoke about ‘Dilwale’, the movie which was hugely criticized:

“I will never say that Dilwale was a mistake. Rohit has entertained the audience for years and years, and it also starred Shah Rukh Khan who is a super duper star. Maybe a lot of people didn’t like the film, maybe I was also not at my best. “I could have done way better,”

In every way, Varun is a gentleman and a whole-hearted guy. Sabka hero idhar hai!




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