Varun Dhawan Insulted A Woman To Defend His ‘Friend’ Sonakshi But That Is Okay With Us

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 5:08 pm

There is a saying in Hindi: Baap ka beta, sipahi ka ghoda; kuch nahi toh thoda thoda. (Literally: Sons and horses do have some traits of theirs fathers and soldiers, respectively.)

The adage fits Sonakshi Sinha well. Her father is known as the ‘Shotgun’ so Sonakshi can be called a Magnum, if not a shotgun herself.

Why, you ask? Because Sonakshi has been silencing everyone who has had something idiotic to say to her.

She recently became the toast of social media when she silenced a Twitter user who ‘dared’ ask her when the world will see her pose in a bikini.


Sona 2


But one Twitter user had something else to say. And she exercised her right to freedom of speech in this way:



Not the one to back down, Sonakshi took offence to this tweet too:



And then entered Varun Dhawan, who thought that this was a movie where the hero must jump in to save the day.

What is ironic is that while trying to save the ‘honour’ of one woman, Varun insulted another.




And he did not stop at that. He urged his fans to troll her too!


Varun 2


He must have made Sonakshi proud.


sonakshi sinha clapping



But what was Varun thinking? Is this some 90s Bollywood shit where men chase a woman around in the name of song and dance?


Anyway, Varun was put in his place by Kamal R Khan. (The most unexpected guy to do so.)



Following the controversy he created, Varun was quick to apologise and delete the tweets.



But is that all? Can anyone, especially a Bollywood celebrity, be allowed to first insult a woman in such a disgraceful manner and then move out of the way as if he did nothing? Is this not online harassment?