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The 17 Types Of Potheads You Meet In India

Updated on 21 April, 2015 at 12:23 pm By

Despite its illegality in the country, most people you meet have at one time or the other smoked a joint. Some are regular smokers and others may have tried it for the fun value, but there are undeniably different types of smokers you will stumble across.

1. The “functional junkies” who literally cannot get any job done without having first smoked a doobie

2. The uber rich Delhi kids who can’t tell good maal from the bad and are always fleeced when buying pot

3. That one person who has smoked a joint once in their life and now considers himself/herself to be the guru of smoking pot

4. The group of friends who get together and can only discuss pot


Various types of pot, different makes of chillums, who’s the best dealer in town – the topic of conversation is always pot talk.

5. The foreigners who flock to the country, well largely to Goa, for the unbelievably cheap prices of pot in India

6. The recovering pot smoker who has learned abstinence and now preaches to everyone the dangers of smoking pot

Relax dude, we all know what we are doing. No need to give us long and lengthy sermons on how meditation got you to stop smoking pot.

7. The honest to God one-stop-authority for all things pot related

Whether you need the number of a dealer, or need to know where to get the best rolling paper, this is the guy you need to call.

8. The people who only smoke chillums and literally frown upon those who would dare to roll a joint in their presence

I mean, come on. Its one thing to be blazed in the evening, but starting your days with a chillum seems like overkill.

9. The dealer who is very chummy with his clientele

Not only does he sell you the best maal in town, he also hangs out with the people who buy from him. One supposes it’s always a good thing to have a dealer as a friend.

10. The habitual pot smoker who is always too broke to buy his own stash

After a certain point of time, people literally stop answering calls from him. There’s no such thing as a constant free ride in this world!

11. The closeted pot smoker who smokes on his own and denies it to the rest of the world


Double standards, bro. So not cool!

12. The pro-rolling smoker who can roll a perfect joint in minutes

In a moving car, while walking on the beach, with one hand while talking on the phone, this roller knows how to do it all.

13. The social smokers who do not smoke on their own but as they say: when in Rome

They will only smoke with their compadres much like the social drinkers of today.

14. The constantly hungry pot smoker

The minute this person smokes a joint, you can rest assured he will be raiding the fridge for food.

15. The smoker who gets “super meta” about life

“What is the meaning of life, why are fingers called fingers, what if mermaids are real” are the usual bent of conversation for these guys.

16. People who get the giggles the minute they smoke a joint


Everything, and I mean, everything is funny and will send them into stomach clutching bouts of laughter.

17. Someone who has never smoked a joint before reading this article and is now running to the nearest available friends house to smoke their first doobie

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