Varanasi Lives Up To The Name ‘Spiritual Capital Of India’ By Taking Care Of Thirsty Cows

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7:27 pm 30 Jun, 2016

Every year, thousands of people flock to Varanasi in search of spiritual enlightenment or solace. While there, they donate money to temples, give change to beggars, and perform all necessary rites and rituals. Unfortunately, despite being a sacred animal, the cow gets overlooked even in a city as religious as Varanasi.

Thankfully, though, the city recognized that it could do more for these animals and there are now improvised drinking facilities for cows.

Cow drinking water


This is a really easy way to take care of hot and thirsty animals and I, for one, don’t see why this scheme isn’t adopted in cities around the country. Not only for cows, but also for other animals who may not be considered pious but get hot and thirsty nonetheless.



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