Varanasi Police Have Set A Standard By Honoring 22 Chowkidars For Their Assistance

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Updated on 28 May, 2016 at 7:21 pm


Rural Police superintendent Ashish Tiwari honored 22 chowkidars (watchmen) at the Kapsethi Thana this Tuesday for providing assistance to police when needed.

The police station was “decked like a bride” for the occasion. The route to the station from Bhadohi Marg had been covered with mats and carpeting. The police, after all, see watchmen as their eyes and ears on the streets.

Varanasi police honor watchmen


The watchmen were given a diary, whistle and pen each. After which, SPRA Tiwari said that both the gram pradhans and the watchmen should work to maintain peace in the village.


Tiwari took time to sit with the gram pradhans and listen to their problems. He has also asked local police to look into the problems raised by the pradhans. If the problems are not addressed, he has said he’ll ask for an official explanation.

This move by the Varanasi Police was a great way for police to thank the common man for working with them. In a country where people usually don’t help each other due to the fear of what trouble it’ll get them into, it’s a very good move by the police to show citizens that we have to work together to tackle social problems and criminal activity.

Kapsethi Thana, Varanasi


Tuesday was also a great day for the local police as their weekly leaves started from Tuesday. Some of them started to discuss their family holiday plans right there.


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