13 Easy Vaastu Tips To Keep You In Good Health

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10:00 am 20 Feb, 2016

Home isn’t just a place where we live, home is a feeling, a sentiment and our most prized possession. It’s the place we look forward to reaching after a long day of work and stress. So, it’s important for our home to be positively energized so that good vibes are transmitted to our mind and body.

Here are a few vaastu shastra tips for your home that will usher a flow of positivity into your home. And the best part is, you won’t have to make any structural changes or spend heaps of money to follow them!

1. It’s best to have the entrance facing east, north or north-east. A nameplate outside the main gate is considered auspicious.


2. Draw holy symbols at the sides of the main entrance to your house.

It lets in all the good energy and forces out all the bad.


3. Keep your home well-lit when it’s dark outside so as to see off negative energies and allow positive vibes inside.


4. Pray every morning and evening.

However busy your schedule is, managing to take out some time, however small,  for daily prayer.


5. Keep your space neat and tidy.

Clutter invites negativity, confusion and arguments in the family. Don’t leave your shoes scattered here and there — it is believed to invite lots of negative vibes.


6. Refrain from keeping thorny plants like the cactus.

Artificial plants should be avoided. However, it is good to plant marigold, basil and money plants.


7. Color the walls of your bedroom in shades of pink, green and blue.

Avoid having a mirror in the bedroom. If at all you have one, keep it covered with a curtain.


8. For your drawing/living room, it’s best not to use dark colors on the walls.

Allow your curtains to be light. Make sure that this room is brightly lit.


9. Paint the kitchen walls with soft, subtle shades of pink, green, orange and yellow.

The kitchen generates and radiates energy for the entire house. Avoid placing your temple above the cooking stove or kitchen sink. Also, avoid keeping medicines in the kitchen.


10. Keep the ambience of your pooja room light and face north or east while you pray.

There must be a separate prayer area in your house, however small. It’s good to avoid having it adjacent to the bathroom or bedroom.


11. Pour gangajal (holy water) in a small vessel and place it in a dark unused corner of your house.

Change this water on a weekly basis. It generates an inflow of positivity in house.


12. Put some thick pieces of sea salt in a bowl and place it in the corners of your home.

Salt is believed to have healing powers.


13. Hang a nice wind-chime in your house.

A tinkling wind-chime works wonders to boost the flow of positivity in house.



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