Uttarakhand To Spend Rs 25 Crore In Search Of Sanjeevani Booti That Saved Lord Lakshman

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4:59 pm 31 Jul, 2016

Uttarakhand is planning something unique and big! The state government is about to invest a whopping Rs 25 crore in a search in the Himalayas for the sanjeevani booti that saved Lord Rama’s brother Lakshman.



The story behind this life-saving plant, as mentioned in ‘Ramayana’, is that Lord Rama had asked Hanuman to fetch the herb after a healer said it would cure his dying brother Lakshman. But when Hanuman failed to identify the plant, he uprooted the entire mountain and carried it thousands of miles to treat Lakshman.



Surendra Singh Negi, the state’s minister for alternative medicine, said, “We have set an initial budget of 250 million rupees ($37 million) for the project.”

The herb is mythical and many researchers have failed to find it. Hence, the central government has denied spending such a humongous amount but the state is determined and is ready to spend from their own state budget. As in the epic, Rama mentioned one of the mountain range names and hence they feel that if they stay determined, they will surely find it!





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